Soul Grind Coffee and a surf lesson in Pacifica

 One of us wanted to try a surfing lesson.  We drove about 30 minutes south from San Francisco to Pacifica. Norcal Surf Shop is a great place for a lesson.  The nearby beach has a good area for beginners.  The instructor was very helpful.  The lesson begins with putting on a full wetsuit, provided by the shop.  The water is very cold, even in July - then to the beach to learn how to pop up on the board.  The most important part is keeping your body straight on the board.  After a few minute of practice, the instructor has you ride waves that have already broken.  He actually wades out and holds the board as you start the wave, so the board stays perpendicular to the shore and you get a good start.  Some of the group were able to stand the first time, some had trouble.  It was a very comfortable environment.  The lesson includes two hours of class.  Then, you can keep the wetsuit and board until 5 PM.  TBH - Two hours is plenty for a beginner.  We were tired!

Next door is Soul Grind Coffee.  They have way more than coffee.  We had an excellent lunch.  They have great pastries, too.

It was an amazing day!  


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