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WOW Festival at UCSD

 It was my first visit to WOW Festival, so I didn't know what to expect.  It is four-days of short performances, interactive installations and art.  The venues are spread across the campus with centers at the Revelle Plaza, Epstein Amphitheater and the La Jolla Playhouse (adjacent to the Revelle campus). I started at "Abeba in the Tall Grass" at the Revelle Plaza.  This clever live action show uses humans, a large scary snake, sound effects and a chicken puppet to tell the story of a community farm.  Abeba's fifth grade fam organize a plan to bust her out of detention at a community farm and  learn she has found a second home there.  I especially enjoyed the "rewind" sound effects and miming to show when the action is set in the past.     The highlight of my day was "Les moutons".  It explores the drama of the life of a sheep from the indignity of shearing to an attack by a wolf.  The cast of three ewes and a ram were clad in simple, but effective,

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