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San Diego Safari Park Roar-n-Snore

  The Roar-n-Snore is a sleepover at the Safari Park!  Attendees can park in the upper-most reserved lot and the check-in is right there.  The bags are collected and taken by van to the campsite, so you don't have to lug them down on your own.  After the very efficient 4:15 PM check-in, we gathered under the nearby trees and met an animal ambassador - a South American armadillo.  It was very cute and had a blast looking for grubs under the mulch.  This is a different species from the type found in the United States (nine-banded). Then, we had a guided tram ride through the Park.  This is the highlight of the Safari Park and a unique experience.  We had a few minutes to find our tents and get set-up.  Dinner was served next to the campsite.  It was a buffet of BBQ chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, salad, hot dogs, potato salad and mac-n-cheese.  As dusk settled in, we took a guided small group tour of the lions, the Kilima Overlook and the elephants, followed by s'mores by a camp

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