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The Paleta Bar in Escondido

Paletas are Mexican-style ice cream/juice bars.  The Paleta Bar has great flavors including avocado, pistachio, ube, lime and more that you can customize with dips and toppings.  
I had an ube (a purple yam) flavor dipped in white chocolate topped with pine nuts.  It was decadent!  My friend chose a more traditional (non-dairy, too) lime dusted with tajin (a chile powder with some salt meant to bring out the sweetness of fruit.)
We also took five bars home - mango, avocado, pistachio and more.
The bars are really delicious and there are many different toppings.  The place seems like a fun location for a birthday party, because each kid can have a customized bar without it taking too long.  Also, they serve each bar in a small tray so it is tidy to eat.
The Bar is located in a small mall near the big Escondido Westfield mall just off I-15.  The Bar is next to the Subway.  It was a great find and I noticed it after eating at Healthy Grill.

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