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Float North County, Solana Beach, CA

I had seen sensory deprivation tanks.  They have been around since the '80's called "samahdi tanks".  These terrifying pods were supposed to cut a person off from all sensory experiences while creating the sensation of weightlessness through a high-buoyancy Epsom salt bath.  What passed as relaxation looked liked a claustrophobia-inducing bad dream. Float North County offers the new incarnation of the samadhi tanks - the float tank.  The set-up is similar to a very large bathtub.  The experience starts in a small private room with a shower and bench.  The private tank is in your room.  There is a door to the tank, but I chose to leave it open.  The room was warm, so I showered off with cold water and stepped into the tank.  The dimensions are around 8'X5' with a ceiling height of about 8'.  It felt very spacious.  It really did feel like a big bath tub.  The water is only about 1-1/2 feet deep, but the salt made me so buoyant, it was a major effort to tou

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