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The Alpaca Hacienda, Temecula

They were very cute and fuzzy.  They have the strangest feet and no top front teeth.  The Alpaca Hacienda offers a meet-and-greet program with over twenty of these South American relatives of the camel.  (They are much smaller and infinitely cuter than camels!).  A visit is $12 and includes a brief introduction to the Hacienda and the alpacas.  Then, you can go into the pen and feed them.  They are pleasant creatures - not so tall as to be intimidating.  They were eager to be fed, but not overly pushy.  They didn't try to eat your clothes, like some animals.  (looking at you, goats!).  The children in our group were completely delighted!

Alpacas are very interesting animals.  They have bottom front incisors, but on top is just a hard palate.  It gives them an odd underbite look, like they might benefit from a trip to an orthodontist.  They have soft two-toed feet, but with a pronounced nail on each toe, so it looks almost hoof-like.  They enjoy sitting on the ground and they neatl…

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