A trip to Mount Rushmore

It snowed the day before.  Not winter wonderland snow, but enough to need an ice scraper.  South Dakota has plenty of serious snow removal equipment.  When we left in the morning, the roads were in ok shape and we passed several snow plow hard at work - plowing and scattering salt.  It was a decent drive to Mount Rushmore, but it took us about twice as long.

The Presidents covered in snow were stunning.  Most impressive is how the eyes are carved.  The iris is recessed and there is a raised portion in the pupil, so the eyes look very alive.  Theodore Roosevelt's glasses are also well depicted.  There is a beautiful plaza framing the view, a museum with lots of information about the technical aspects of the carving, a gift store and a very nice cafe.  It was a very worthwhile trip and was the obvious highlight of our trip to Rapid City.

The plaza with all the state and territory flags

We saw a mother and baby mountain goat

They were nibbling grass just off the plaza


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