Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco

 The Legion of Honor has small, but excellent collection of European art from the Medieval period to Impressionism.  The collection of works by Rodin is outstanding.  The beautiful building is based on the Palais de la Legion d'honneur in Paris.  This museum, together with the de Young in Golden Gate Park, comprise the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.  Weirdly enough, the Legion of Honor was a gift of the wife of Adolph Spreckels.  In 1884, Spreckels shot Michael H. de Young over a newspaper article Spreckels thought was defamatory.  De Young survived, Spreckels was aquitted and now the two names are linked through the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

It is a perfect size to see in a day.  I especially enjoyed the porcelain collection and the complete rooms, such as the Salon Dore from a Parisian hotel, circa 1781.

                                                        Painted by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun
                                                        A modern piece from broken porcelain
The cafe is also excellent:

                                                Sculptures made from kitchen utensils
                                                        French onion soup
                                                        Burrata Sandwich

The view from the overlook across from the Museum is not to be missed.  It is a 180 degree view of the bay, bridge, China Beach and more. 


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