Twenty-six Glacier tour from Whittier, AK

 It was a bit of a raw day, but I enjoyed 26 Glacier Cruise.  We were staying in Girdwood, AK.  A bus picked us up from the Alyeska Resort.  It was a nice drive to Whittier.  Most of our fellow passengers were coming from Anchorage.  The cruise assigns you a table, so you had a home base.  Around 1 PM, our lunch was served to us.  We had a good vegetable chili, with cheese, crackers, coleslaw, fruit snack and a York peppermint patty.

The cruise travels through Prince William Sound and there are wonderful views of glaciers and waterfalls.  The Sound is spectacular!  The neon blues of the glaciers were amazing.  We saw Steller's sea lions on the way back, a Dall's sheep with a baby and some Dall's porpoises.

The boat moves fast from vista to vista.  The Captain asked that the doors be kept shut while the boat was in motion.  This kept the cabin nice and warm.

It was a very well organized and pleasant trip.  We left promptly at 12:30 and arrived promptly at 6:30

An interesting experience was passing through the tunnel to/from Whittier.  The tunnel is one-way and is open in alternating half-hour cycles.  The train also passes through the same tunnel.  The train has priority, then buses, then cars.  The entrance to the 3+ mile tunnel looks like a ski chalet.


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