North Coast Repertory Theatre's "Camelot", Solana Beach

 The North Coast Repertory Theatre gives a Broadway feel with a tiny, tiny stage.  They accomplish this magic by casting outstanding performers.  Their production of "Camelot" featured a stand-out cast with wonderful vocal skills and fine acting.  "Camelot" is my favorite musical.  There is comedy, romance, sorrow and an optimistic finale.  The piece lends itself to grand pageantry, but the simple staging at North Coast Rep brings focus on the human story of an accidental king, a tragic love affair and the cost of doing the right thing.

The principals - Jered McLenigan (Arthur), Lauren Weinberg (Guinevere)  and Brian Krinsky (Lancelot) - all had excellent voices, impeccable diction and engaging acting skills.  The roles requires good comedic timing and also the ability to convey emotional depth.  Nick Apostolina was also excellent as the perpetually disgruntled Mordred.



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