A day at the San Diego County Fair 2024

                                                Show goat getting a glow up
                                                        Calico bunny
                                                Retro kitchen and I remember that print
                                                Racquel Welch on right when she was Raquel Tejada
                                                Mind-blowing woodwork

For me, the Fair is a good deal.  I enjoy seeing the animals and seeing the garden displays.  The theme this year is retro.  I'm old enough that everything retro is something I remember.  The retro theme included displays of toys, kitchens, livings rooms, cars, jewelry and more.  It is a great theme.

I enjoyed visiting the Alvarado House, which is on the fair grounds near the gardening displays.  It used to be in Del Mar proper and was constructed in the 1880's.  The Del Mar Historical Society moved the house onto the Fair grounds to preserve it.  It is only open during the Fair.  It is full of fun photographs from San Diego history.  There are many pictures of the celebrities who used to frequent the Del Mar track, such as Jimmy Durante, Bing Crosby and Lucille Ball.  

The highlight of the Fair, to me, is the woodworking exhibit.  Some many outstanding pieces!  The gem, mineral and jewelry displays are also interesting.

There is a discount for parking and admission through Vons, if you purchase it online.  Many of the vendors were offering $5 items.  I had a small Dole whip for $5 which was a perfect size for me.  It saves money not to eat the Fair food.  I avoid it because the heat, walking and fried foods is a recipe for a tummy ache.    I'm also not interested in the rides.  The Fair is a good deal for family with young children.  If you want to do rides, food, etc. it does add up.



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