A bear in Anchorage, AK

 We spent an amazing half-day in Anchorage.  It was the last day our Alaska trip.  We drove about a half-hour from downtown to the Eagle River Nature Center.  The Center wasn't open, but the trails are always open.  We walked about fifteen minutes down a wide trail in dense woods.  We heard someone shouting, "Dude! Get off the trail."  I could tell by the tone of voice that this was a man yelling at a bear.  Minutes later, a family approached us and told us there was a black bear on the trail.  The man loaned us his can of bear spray and gave us an idea of where the bear was.  We moved forward slowly, hoping the bear had moved off the trail.  We discussed our strategy if a bear approached.  (It was to link arms and sing "Karma Chameleon").   Then, we caught a glimpse of the bear, sitting next to the trail, eating grass.  We stopped, took from pictures and backed away.  The bear seemed uninterested in us, fortunately!

                                                                This is zoomed-in
                                                        We stayed far from the bear.  It is the black dot on the left

Rather than look for an alternate trail, we decided to leave the area to the bear to enjoy his salad.  We let other hikers know and went back to Anchorage.  We had a wonderful lunch at Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop.  I was so hungry, I ate my Italian sub sandwich and brownie without taking pictures.  My friends had a chicken caesar sandwich, a black bean sandwich and a wonderful berry scone.  The bakery is very cute and very busy.  The bread is outstanding.

It was a clear day, so we tried to get a good view of Mt. Denali, but that side was very cloudy.  We learned that the "city" limits of Anchorage are the size of the state of Delaware.  Alaska is huge!


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