Yuk-Dae-Jang, Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego

 The portions are big!  I have left-overs to look forward to for lunch and dinner today!  I love days when I don't have to cook.  

Yuk-Dae-Jang is a modern Korean cafe, specializing in yuk-dae-jang, a spicy, very hearty beef stew.  The food is delicious and arrives incredibly fast.  We split an order of bulgogi with glass noodles.  The bulgogi was excellent.  The beef was tender and there were lots of vegetables.  For $33, we had a meal for two with two more meals of left-overs.  I particularly enjoyed their kimchi which was not overly salty.

The decor is simple.  There is a TV showing K-pop videos, so the atmosphere was fun and casual.  The service was great!  The servers were very friendly.  As someone who isn't very familiar with Korean food, the menu made ordering easy.  Each dish had a picture and a brief explanation.  The spice level can be customized.  We got there right at 11 AM and the place very quickly filled.  The restaurant is in a large shopping mall, so there is ample parking.

It is nice that the Convoy Asian Cultural District is being highlighted as a tourist destination.  I have never had a bad meal there and there are so many restaurants representing a wide range of Southeast Asian cuisines, especially Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese.  I would love to see Malaysian and Indonesian food better represented in San Diego.

                                                        Beautiful purple rice.  I started eating before I took the photo.  Could                                                             not wait!
                                                        Kimchi deserved its own photo


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