Tea Pavilion at The Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park

 I had a lovely walk through the Japanese Friendship Garden yesterday.  There were still cherry trees in bloom, wisteria flowering and stands of California poppies.  The Garden is beautiful any time of the year.  I noticed this tiny anole in a bush:

After my walk, I stopped at the Tea Pavilion located at the entrance to the Garden.  They have a wide assortment of teas from all over the world, such as genmai cha, yerba mate, hoji cha and many, many more options.  There are interesting refrigerated kombuchas, canned milk teas, coffees and fruit drinks.  I've never had lunch there before.  There are light meals of soups, sandwiches, rice bowls and more.  The menu is Japanese-inspired.  I had a chicken curry sandwich.  It tasted like homemade.  There are dessert like mochi.

There is plenty of seating outdoors on the shaded patio.  It is a perfect place for a quick snack or light lunch in Balboa Park.


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