Milton's in Del Mar, CA

 I lived on the East Coast for many years.  I worked for and with many classical musicians and they all loved a good deli sandwich.  Milton's Deli is one of those places that is common in big cities downtowns like in Philadelphia and New York City, but a rarity in San Diego.  The menu is familiar and the sandwiches absurdly hearty.

I had a classic Reuben with corned beef with a side of potato salad.  It was hot and amazing.  I ate half and then all the potato salad.  The potato salad was irresistible.  I really could have been satisfied with a quarter of a sandwich!  I was absolutely stuffed on a half sandwich.  The rye bread was toasted crisp, the Russian dressing was ample and the acidic sauerkraut was a great contrast to the rich corned beef and Swiss.  There is a reason this sandwich is a classic and it was perfectly executed at Milton's.  The half sandwich was just as good cold, the next day.

I should've gotten a dessert.  There is a nice selection including streusel.  I already had a dessert at home, so I controlled myself.

Unlike a traditional deli, the restaurant is big and bright with high ceilings and gigantic windows.  There is patio seating, as well.  It is part of the Flower Hill mall, but across the parking lot from the main part of the mall.  I've always found parking easy there, because there is a garage that handles the Whole Foods parking.

The food was great and it was a throwback, for me, to another time and place in my life.  They fly the flag of California and the great state of New York.  Their roots show!

                                                It has its own special beauty!



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