The Bohemian Alchemist in Del Mar, CA

 It is hard to find a place that serves Turkish coffee.  The Bohemian Alchemist is an eclectic coffee house with great Turkish coffee, among other drinks.  Turkish coffee is strong, bitter and served in tiny cups.  It can be prepared as sweet as you like.  Wait for the grounds to settle!  It is perfect with a sweet treat.  I had an apricot scone.  The coffee is served with a cube of rose Turkish delight.  It was a great caffeinated jolt to great me started on a beach walk.

The cafe is very cute.  The decor is bohemian chic with Turkish accents in the glass lamps and game nook.  The game corner has chess/checkers and traditional low seating common in Middle Eastern restaurants. It reminded me of the many Turkish cafes in Amsterdam.  Although, The Bohemian Alchemist has a wide range of coffees, teas and treats, the Turkish coffee made this a place well worth a special visit.  It is on the main street of Del Mar, near the Board & Brew sandwich shop.


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