Heritage Brewery & BBQ in Oceanside, CA

 Heritage Brewery & BBQ is everything a great BBQ place should be.  The experience begins on the street where the scent of wood burning wafts by.  The food is simple, abundant and perfect.  I had a great pulled pork sandwich.  The pickles under the bun added a nice acidic crunch in contrast to the tender, smoky, slightly sweet pork.  The sides were huge!  I had the mac'n'cheese and Texas chili.  I took the entire side of chili and chips to eat during the Super Bowl.  The chili was all meat and delicious!  

The restaurant is huge and they do family style meals, as well.  The staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful.  There is a full bar.  I didn't have room for dessert, but I saw banana pudding on the menu.  The parking lot is also ample.

I've had BBQ in Texas, Missouri, North Carolina and South Carolina - this is as good as the best places I've been to in these BBQ meccas.  The flavor is coming from how the meat is cooked and seasoned, rather than needing to slop on a bunch of sauce.  


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