Spa at Sec-He in Palm Springs, CA

 This is the best spa!  It is beautiful and offers an amazing array of service and facilities.  Spa at Sec-He opened in April, 2023.  The facilities are immaculate and the staff keeps it spotless.  The facilities include: a cryotherapy tank, fitness center, flotation tanks, dry menthol sauna, cold immersion tub, wet eucalyptus sauna, salt caves, private mineral baths, single-sex jacuzzis, an acoustic lounge, a mixed-gender jacuzzi, an outdoor pool, an outdoor mineral pool and cafes.  There are, of course, lockers, showers, a lounge with snacks and private changing areas.  There is a full complete of personal hygiene items, too.  The facilities are set up to easily accommodate a couples day.  There are many sections that are mixed-gender friendly.  

There are a wide variety of treatments available.  The focus is on wellness, rather than the cosmetic.  They also offer many types of IV infusion therapies, such as for immune support.

I had an arnica massage.  The therapist was wonderful.  There is a separate, restful treatment lounge with prickly pear tea and a waterfall.  The massage table was wide and there was a warmed water-bed style topper on the table, so the pressure and heat was even.

My hour massage was $220 and this included a day pass plus a 15-minute session in a private mineral spring bath.  I thought it was a bargain!  It really is very easy to spend a full day there.  I especially enjoyed the mineral bath soak and the salt cave.  There are two caves.  One has lounge chairs and the other has sauna-type seating.  I have sinus problems and I noticed an improvement within 15-minutes.  

This is the gold standard for spas!  The staff is wonderful, as well.  My Google maps really butchered the pronunciation of the name.  It is phonetic:  "Sec Hay".  

                                                        Back wall of the salt cave


                                                        Private mineral bath
                                                        There is a lot of nice art around the spa
                                                        Prickly pear tea




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