Palm Canyon Trail in Palm Springs, CA

The Palm Canyon Trail is spectacular!  The canyon is full of beautiful California Fan Palms growing along a river fed entirely by snow melt.  It was almost surreal in its beauty and lushness.  The main trail runs for fifteen miles and there are several branches for other hikes.  The whole area is serene and full of birds and even frogs.  It is one of the most magical places I've visited!

The canyon is part of the Cahuilla Nation lands.  There is a nice road to the trail head which overlooks the canyon.  The road passes through a famous split rock.  We watched a Rivian pass through, so even a large vehicle can pass through.  The trail head has a visitors center, restrooms and there were two really helpful rangers there.  The ranger suggested I walk down a vehicle access road to get into the canyon.  This was very helpful, because I have a problematic knee.  I came up the steep trail to get back.  The trail in the canyon is flat and very pleasant.  We only walked down about a mile and took time to enjoy the scenery.  It was a cool morning and it was great to be outside! 

There is admission charged for entrance to this area.  It is $12 per person.  The area includes many other trails, such as the Murray Canyon Trail, which we will try next.  There are well maintained roads and parking lots.  TBH, the admission fee makes me feel more comfortable about leaving my car for a hike!

This whole area is a must-see for anyone in the Palm Springs area! 


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