Atelier Manna in Leucadia, CA


This is a tiny restaurant with outstanding food!  Atelier Manna looks like a pop-up coffee shop, but is an exciting breakfast/lunch cafe with a intriguing menu.  I stood outside pondering the menu for some time.  There are things like Spanish-style "French" toast with rum, a seasonal tartine and a savory buckwheat porridge.  There are also house-made spritzes that are very tempting.

I decided on the Turkish eggs with chili butter.  The two eggs were perfectly poached and sat on a bed of herbed yogurt.  The chili sauce was perfect.  It complimented the eggs well.  There was a delightful abundance of herbs - fresh dill, mint and flat-leaf parsley.  I forget, in my own cooking, how wonderful a little fresh mint is in a savory preparation.  The eggs were served with toast and it was a filling breakfast.

Since it was a warm late November day, I also had a "Lisbon" spritz with vanilla, citrus and a cube of quince paste on a little spoon.  Perfect!

The waiter was friendly and knowledgeable about the food.  We had a chat about the provenance of the eggs, which were delicious and had a bright orange yolk.  They came from Ramona's own egg farm, Eben-Haezer.  It doesn't get more local than that.  

I'm already ready for another meal.  I do want to try everything!

Apple Maps told me to park in a lot next to the restaurant, but that is the parking lot for an apartment complex.  It is better to park across the street.  There is ample parking along the train tracks.  There are plenty of places to cross the street.

This is a must-try place for certain!



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