7 Adams, near Japantown in San Francisco

 For our special Christmas meal (on the Saturday before) we went to 7 Adams for their tasting menu.  It was one of the best tasting menus I have ever enjoyed!  It was five courses and the taste, portion-size and overall experience was outstanding.  The first two courses were fixed.  The third and fourth course had options and there were two desserts offered.  There were four of us and each of us was thoroughly pleased.  The ambiance is quiet and intimate.  The food is Asian-influenced, although many of the dishes offered were traditional Italian fare such as a lamb tagliatelle.

Our first course was scallops - one tasty plump scallop with toasted hazelnuts per person.  The second course was a rich soup with radicchio leaves.  We split up on the courses.  This is a must-try place!  I'm just going to show the pictures now:

                                                        These are potatoes!
                                                        Winter citrus dessert


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