The Suquamish Museum in Suquamish, WA

 I wanted to see the Suquamish Museum, so we drove about 90 minutes north.  It was a scenic drive and we chose not to take a ferry.  So, we looped through Tacoma.

The Museum is small, but interesting with an introduction to the culture of the Suquamish people.  The tradition of travel by canoe is being re-introduced through special events.  There is a nice gift shop.  The art style of the people of the region is very distinctive and beautiful.  I bought a cape and a book about Chief Seattle.  

Nearby, is the grave of Chief Seattle (Sealth) and a memorial to the many Suquamish veterans.  These two features are within a five-minute walk of the Museum.  The town is set on the water and is very pretty.  

                                                        These otters are helping carry a canoe
                                                The grave of Chief Sealth
                                                        Many Native Americans served in the Armed Forces with distinction                     


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