KIngfisher in San Diego

Kingfisher Cocktail Bar and Eatery offers excellent Vietnamese cuisine-inspired food and a wonderful cocktail menu.  It is a pretty restaurant with a elegant and well staffed bar in the center.  The sliding doors in the front were wide open, taking advantage of perfect San Diego evening weather.

I started with a gin cocktail called "Saigon Moped".  It was perfect!  For an appetizer, we had the poached shrimp.  The salad was made with fresh peaches and included julienned banana blossoms, which had an interesting chewy texture.  For main courses, I had the wagyu skirt steak and my friend had halibut.  I didn't get to taste the halibut.  I was denied!  That's a sign it was delicious.  My steak was excellent with a flavorful, sweet glaze. I love any place that cuts the steak up for me.  My dish came with an ample fresh, cilantro-forward salad that was refreshing and tasty. 

This is a great place to try Vietnamese food, if you are new to it.  In Vietnamese cooking, sugar is used as  a seasoning in savory dishes.  If you like a classic sweet BBQ sauce, you will enjoy this cuisine.  

                                                        My steak came with a nice fritter


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