Barona Pow Wow near Lakeside, CA

 We went to the third day of the 51st annual Pow Wow on the Barona Reservation.  It was very beautiful.  There was a wide range of styles of regalia - from jingle dresses to shawls to ribbon dancers.  The level of detail on the outfits was incredible.  The dance styles were also distinctive.  One of the most impressive thing was the wide range of ages.  There were tiny, tiny children dancing, teens, young adults and elders.  It is rare to attend an event that all ages participate in.  

There were local dancers from Barona and a dancer who came all the way from Oklahoma.  He was supported by many family members.  It was great to see a whole family be part of the experience.  The family presented a special song that was written by a grandparent.  What a unique gift to a family!

As much as the dancing was impressive, I especially enjoyed the drumming and singing.

The event is well organized with plenty of food and craft vendors.  The events were started with great punctuality!  There were bleachers in the shade, so it was a pleasant viewing experience.  It was also a perfect day weather-wise.  Looking forward to returning next year!


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