Dough Zone in Bellevue, WA

 My phone was almost out of battery, so I only got one picture:

Dough Zone is a small chain of dim sum/dumpling restaurants on the West Coast.  The food is hot, fast and delicious.  I had a sour plum juice that was so refreshing.  We started with the cucumber salad and scallion pancakes.  The menu is a check-list, so you can keep ordering new treats until you and your friends are full.  We followed up with dan-dan noodles, bao buns with pork and dumplings with shrimp.  The dan-dan noodles were wonderful with a sauce full of flavor.  The dumplings were excellent!  The bao buns were nuclear hot inside and required some cautious nibbling, at first.

This is a tidy and efficient place.  The food appeared almost within seconds and was clearly freshly cooked.  This is inexpensive eating at its best!  I love that the portions are small and you keep ordering new things to try until full.  It was fun to have so many bites of different things and not a lot of clunky left-overs.  We got exactly the right amount of food.


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