Paru Tea Bar in La Jolla

 Paru Tea Bar is a beautiful tea shop on the upper end of Girard.  The selection is very exciting.  I wanted to try everything!  I went home with a pu'er (roasted black tea) from Thailand, hojicha (a roasted green tea), pandan waffle tea (a green tea flavored with pandan) and calamansi turmeric (a black tea flavored with calamansi citrus, spices in a Assamese black tea base).

In addition to selling packages of loose leaf tea, they make tea drinks at the bar.  I had an iced hojicha latte.  Excellent!

The shop is very pretty and bright.  They carry tea-making equipment, cold-brew bottles, tea-based treats like milk tea jams, tea in pressed disks, tiny yixing teapots (so cute) and more.  

Heaven!  So many things to try.  The loose-leaf tea packages were $24 each.  Loose-leaf tea last me a long-time, so I didn't think of it as an indulgence.

The shop is a wonderful addition to La Jolla.  It was very busy when I went on Saturday.  I hope they had great success!



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