San Diego County Fair 2023

 I have a specific routine at the fair.  First, I visit all the animal exhibits, then I visit the theme section.  Then, I have an outrageous fair food item.  I visit the art exhibits, the garden and flower area and then have a Dole whip.  I don't enjoy the rides.  I usually walk through the home goods section quickly.

The animal section was very nice this year.  I saw cows, goats and rabbits in the judging exhibits.  

In the horse barn, the noon show about the Friesian breed.  The horse was absolutely magnificent.  An impeccable black mare pulled a cart.  Her trot was stunning.  I learned so much about the breed and it was a treat to see such a beautiful animal up close.

In the California Agricultural Barn, I saw alpacas, observed the petting zoo (I'm too old to go into a petting zoo on my own), and bought camel milk products from Oasis Camels of Ramona.

The best exhibit was the theme section of "Get Out There".  There were booths about camping, the Anza Borrego deserts, marine life, Balboa Park and much more.

The exhibit on woodworking also did not disappoint.
I skipped the crazy food at the fair.  I just wasn't in the mood for a deep-fried anything.

This year, it seemed like there were more shows and interactive exhibits.  In addition to the Friesian driving show, I saw a bird show, wool spinning, dairy goat milking and a dance troupe performing "Let's do the Time Warp, Again" 
It was a fun, but tiring day!  So much walking! The weather was perfect with lots of sun, but a cool sea breeze.



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