Fermenter, Portland, OR

Fermented foods continues as a hot food trend.  Fermenter in the Belmont section of Portland shows the culinary range of fermented foods.  You don't even need to be a kombucha head or kimchee stan to enjoy the food.  

We started with a course of delicious zero-proof cocktails.  These were the best mocktails I have ever had. The taste was complex and unique.  Our group had the asparagus soup, kale ranch salad, BBQ bowl, "The Bowl" and one other main, that I forgot to identify.  This is vegan food at its best.  There were many flavors on the plate and they ranged from smoky to pickled to fresh to creamy to spicy and many notes in-between.   For dessert, we shared the spring fling cake - also wonderful.

The ambience was relaxed, hip cafe.  The portions were large.  It was easy to find on-street parking.  Nice!


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