Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego

                                                        works by Suda House

The Museum of Photographic Arts in a gem of Balboa Park.  This small museum has exciting work by contemporary photographers, as well as example from the history of photography.  We saw "The Water Holds Me" - an exhibit of work by Suda House.  This exhibit is stunning.  It shows the extremes of photography in terms of color, ability to tell a story and also make visual magic.  The models are human and also otherworldly water creatures.  I thought it was extraordinary.

Equally fascinating and sometimes unsettling is the video photography of Robert Wilson.  His work looks like projected, life-sized photographs.  They are actually short video clips and the viewer is soon unnerved to realize the subjects are breathing and moving slightly.  It is eerie and cinematic.

The main exhibit was the Sony World Photography Awards.  This was so interesting.  The photographers were global with subjects from the human to animals to architecture to the abstract.  It was an excellent show.

Admission to the Museum is by donation with the suggested amount being $10.  It is located between the Fleet Science Center and the Visitor's Center.

                                                        Video Portraits: Robert Wilson



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