Thien Huong in San Diego

 There are six Thien Huong locations in Vietnam and this newly opened restaurant is the first in the United States.  Their specialty is bahn mi with plenty meat.  I ordered the bahn mi chao 2.  This comes with a fluffy baguette, two meatballs, slices of Vietnamese ham, a grilled sausage, two eggs sunny-side up and vegetables.  There was enough filing for two sandwiches.  I filled my baguette, ate it and had the ham and sausage to take home.  This was a very filing meal!  My friend had the steam rice roll filled with shrimp.  This was very tasty and it was topped with flavorful fried onions.  It comes with a slightly sweet dipping sauce and also several thick slices of ham.  This was also a delicious and filling meal.  

I also had the lemongrass iced tea which had orange and mango slices and was excellent.  They also have Vietnamese-style coffees and smoothies.

This is a breakfast and lunch place.  It has the vibe of a diner.  Despite the fact that it was very busy, the food arrived quickly.  The staff is very nice and friendly.  

There is plenty of parking behind the restaurant.  It is located in a small shopping plaza in Mira Mesa, which is San Diego's epicenter for Southeast Asia food.


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