Jomaru Korean Hot Pot, San Diego

 Put on your eating pants for this one!  The portions are big!  Jomaru Korean Hot Pot serves up hot, delicious and filling Korean food with a specialty in gamjatang.  This is a hot broth with lots of falling-off-the-bone tender pork, vegetables and big chunks of potatoes.  This is a perfect winter meal.

We started with an order of pork dumplings.  These were crisp and had a nice pork taste.  My friend ordered the bulgogi, grilled beef with vegetables and rice.  This was a generous portion and also came with two side salads.  I didn't get to try this and we took about half the order to take home for dinner.

I ordered the gam-ja-tang.  There are tongs to seize a piece of meat and place it your bowl.  There are several sauces with a horseradish sauce (not too spicy) being the traditional.  There is a small bucket for the bones.  There are many side dishes and sauces, so it is possible to customize each bite.  There was tofu, kim chee, pickles and several other sauces.  The broth and pork were delicious.  It was served on a hot plate, so it was bubbling hot throughout our meal.  The broth isn't spicy, so it is easy to adjust the spice level with the sauces.  The gam-ja-tang comes in medium ($40) and large (probably enough for a soccer team).  A medium is more than enough for two.  We took home enough food for at least two more meals for two.  The portions for both dishes were large!  When I got home, I immediately needed a nap.

I really enjoyed this place.  The staff is very pleasant and helpful.  They brought us forks and big bowls, so we could eat with more tidiness.  (I will own the fact that I am a messy eater).  The place filled up quickly as soon as it opened for lunch (at 11:30).  

Like most restaurant complexes on Convoy, the parking lot is small.  (There are several adjacent restaurants, including The Steamy Piggy).  There needs to be a few central parking structures in the area, so people can park and walk over.  We got parking, but it is worth considering a ride share.


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