Dancing Yak in San Diego


Dancing Yak is a new restaurant serving Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian cuisine.  We stopped by for lunch yesterday.  The food was excellent!  We started with a platter of momo, which are steamed dumplings stuffed with minced vegetables accompanied by a tomato-based dipping sauce.  These were full of flavor with plenty of green onion.  There are also spicy versions and ones with chicken or yak.  Yes, there is yak meat on the menu!  

I had a Nepalese thali.  A thali is a platter with a variety of soup, curries, pickles, rice and bread.  It is an excellent way to get a small amount of lots of different things.  The thali offered a wide variety of tastes and textures.  There was a crisp pappadum, a mild lentil soup, a slightly sweet tofu curry, a spicy, dry-style potato curry, a vinegary pickled radish, cauliflower curry, sweetened yogurt, spinach and some chutneys.  It was a nice assortment.  I also had a wonderful Kathmandu-style masala tea.  Everything was served very hot (temperature) which was very welcome.  My friend had the cauliflower curry with naan.

There are many vegetarian options, as well as, goat, chicken and seafood on the menu. 

In addition to the less familiar Nepalese and Tibetan dishes, there are biryanis and chow meins on the menu.  Anyone who eats Indian food, will find many familiar dishes to choose from.

It is a big restaurant and offers traditional tables and chairs, as well as platform seating for cross-legged dining as well.  (This is very practical seating for children.). It is located in the bustling plaza that includes Akshar Cash n' Carry, the Cookie Plug and many restaurants.  There is plenty of parking.


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