Su Pan Bakery in Poway

 Poway has become a multi-cultural melting pot.  You can find bingsu, lumpia, tacos and açaí bowls - all on one street.

I had a craving for pan dulce and so I found Su Pan Bakery. (Your bread).  This small bakery is in a plaza with the Floaties Swim School, across the street from the library.  It is a cute bakery with coffee, danishes, cake slices and Mexican pastries.  I wanted conchas.  Conchas are a pan dulce made with rich, slightly sweet bread dough and then topped with a thin cookie dough top.  A design is sliced into the top to make them resemble shells.  I already had one and is was excellent - soft, rich and not overly sweet.  Perfect with coffee. 

I also picked up a pastry that looks like a pig.  I’m not sure what the filling is, but I’m excited.


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