SalesForce Park in San Francisco

 SalesForce Park is in the Financial District of San Francisco.  It is a many block, elevated green space.  It reminds me of what the future was supposed to look like - big buildings for living and work spaces with parks all around.  It is similar to The High Line in New York City, but much wider and not as long.  It is a very pretty park with open green spaces, art work, benches and also a collection of specimen plants from around the world.  It is easy to access with elevators at Natoma Street and through the SalesForce Transit Center at the other end.  I saw many people walking the wide paths and sitting on benches enjoying the sun.  

It is a nice space and also an interesting example of urban planning.  It  improves the view of neighboring office buildings.  Downtowns often feel claustrophia-inducing with enormous skyscrapers looming overhead and very little view of the sky.  This creates  a a sense of openness in the area.

                                                        A “monkey-puzzle tree” from Chile

                                                This is a funny kinetic fountain that moves like a bus


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