Little Blue Penguins at the Birch Aquarium, San Diego

 They are here and very cute!  The little blue penguins have arrived at the Birch Aquarium.

The local news reported that the penguins were “burrito sized”.  San Diego’s official conversion to the burrito standard for measurement isn’t going well.  The penguins are actually a foot tall.  The smallest of all penguin species, but no burrito.  They hail from Australia.  They make cute penguin squawks and I was there while they were being fed little fishes.  In the light, they are the blue of a blue jay. 

The exhibit space is very nice with an area for underwater viewing.  They are a great addition.  The aquarium is small, but has a great collection of seahorses and sea dragons.  I also especially enjoy the tank of sharks and rays.  There is an impressive view of La Jolla Shores and the ocean from the outdoor balconies.  I always visit the Pacific octopus and I got an excellent view.


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