Japan Center Malls in San Francisco

 The Japan Center is a great place for shopping and lots of eating.  Lots of eating!!! The mall has a manga bookstore, antique store, a sweet shop, places to buy tea, an ice cream shop, donut shop and many restaurants.  We wandered around for about an hour.  I bought a cute shiba inu bag.  We had reservations for Marufuku Ramen, which is very popular.  The ramen is excellent with a very rich flavor.  The staff is very friendly.  Afterward, we had ice cream.  I had hojicha and jasmine ice cream. Hojicha is a new flavor for me.  It is green tea leaves roasted over charcoal.  It has a more robust flavor than matcha and it was a nice ice cream flavor.

The Japan Center Malls have been around since 1968.  It is one of my favorite malls in San Francisco!

                                                        My friend’s ramen
                                                        My ramen is a cute bowl
                                                        There are some cultural artifacts on display
                                                        A model of the Osaka castle


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