De Young Museum in San Francisco

 This is an excellent museum.  The The DeYoung Museum isn’t overpowering in its size, but it has an interesting and diverse collection.  There is an exhibit now of the work of Faith Ringgold, who is an artist who immediately grabs your attention.  Many of her works are story quilts and the museum had QR codes that had the text.  I also enjoyed a collection of Richard Dibenkorn, an artist I used to find a bit underwhelming, but the collection made me appreciate his body of work.  I also was impressed by the collection of work by indigenous people of the Americas, especially ceramics of the Southwest.  

There is a nice cafe, as well.  It is well worth a visit.  There is also an exhibit related to Ramses II, but I didn’t have time for that.

                                                        Quilt by Faith Ringgold
                                                        By Dibenkorn
                                                        What is the deal with sphinxes and their noses?
                                                A coffin made like a cacao pod by an artist from Ghana



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