Dandelion Chocolate in the Mission, San Francisco

 Dandelion Chocolate specializes in single-origin chocolate.  We stopped by for a cup of coffee.  They also have a nice selection of baked goods.  My friends had a vegan hot chocolate and it came with a cute house-made marshmallow and a cookie.  I had a nice cappuccino.  My only complaint is that the pretty mugs had no handles and the drinks were served very hot.  It was hard to wait for the drinks to cool.  This is very attractive shop with indoor seating and an interesting selection of chocolates.  My friends shopped for chocolate.

They produce their own bars of chocolate with cacao from places like Ecuador, Tanzania and Madagascar.  They offer single bars, sets of three and sets of ten.  They also have a variety of filled chocolates, truffles, hot chocolate mixes and other delights.  There is even a hojicha hot chocolate.

The Mission is one of the most interesting sections of San Francisco.  There is an amazing variety of shops.  We visited the Mission and then wandered to down the street.  Paxton Gate is a crazy store with everything from trilobites to taxidermy to gardening supplies.  D.Copper+ has hand-made copper vessels and jewelry.  Reformations is an upcycle clothes store.  There was so much to see.

                                                        At the Mission, graves for an indigenous couple

                                                Altar at the old Mission


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