California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

The California Academy of Sciences  is a perfect place for children and adults interested in the natural sciences.  There is an aquarium, many exhibits with live animals and the best thing is the rainforest.  This rainforest is a two-story open air space with birds, butterflies and plants.  It continues in a bottom level with Amazon fish.  Many of these fish are enormous.  There is a slightly scary exhibit of bugs, as well.  There is a huge play area for children, a nice collection of rocks and minerals and things I didn’t have time to see.

One very interesting feature is their living roof.  It looks like rolling hills with native plants.  It also offers a nice view of that end of Golden Gate Park.

I had lunch at the Terrace restaurant.  My meal with excellent with huge portions.  There is also a cafeteria.

                                                        Butterflies in the Amazon rainforest
                                                        This orchid mantis model was larger than a person
                                                Live bees
                                                        The mascot is an albino alligator
                                                        A grilled chicken sandwich, potato salad and pumpkin bread pudding
                                                        The living roof



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