The Hu Black Thunder tour in San Diego with The Haunt

 I learned about The Hu from a YouTube suggestion.  This band is fantastic.  They are a Mongolian group playing metal rock with a fresh infusion of electrified Mongolian instruments and throat singing.  The group has an almost overwhelming sound.  There are two percussionists, two electric morin khuur (a bowed fiddle) players, two guitarists, a lead singer and several other members of the ensemble sing, as well.  This is hard-driving rock!  The vocal style really suits hard rock.  If you think James Hetfield has a low voice, well, The Hu can go lower.  They do traditional throat singing as well, which creates an indescribable effect.  The Mongolian language seems to have many rolled consonants and this also added to the drama of their music.  Their music also highlighted traditional instruments.  The two morin khuur, which have a distinctive horse head figure at the top of the instrument, sound similar to an electric cello.  The lead singer also played a flute, which had a unique sound.  They also had an amazing stage presence.  This was simply a great rock concert!  Several of the audience members had Slipknot shirts, so if you like Slipknot, you are probably going to like The Hu.

The opening band was The Haunt.  I also enjoyed their performance.  The lead singer, a woman, had a pretty voice that contrasted well with the dark lyrics.  The guitarist are provided a screaming chorus.  The guitar, bass and percussion was strong.  I especially enjoyed “Fuck My Life”.  I would see this group as a main act.

                                            The Haunt


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