Black Sheep Cafe in Provo, UT

 The American Southwest has its own culinary tradition.  Black Sheep Cafe is a great place to experience rich, hearty fry bread tacos, green chili stews and more in a hip, stylish setting.  We started with their Southwest caprese salad.  This had thick slices of mozzarella.  For my main course, I had the green chili pork taco.  This was a very satisfying dish with big chunks of meat.  There was ample fat in the meat, so it had an amazing flavor.  The green chilis used, common in Utah and New Mexico, are flavorful without being extremely spicy.  My friends both had the green chili stew.  (The picture is above.)  This was also very hearty with big pieces of vegetables.

This is really good cooking and tasted homemade.  The food is very filling and we struggled to finish.  The menu is interesting with staples like pozole and burgers, but also unusually offerings like a filet mignon bruschetta.  The interior is bold and contemporary with interesting murals and blown glass chandeliers.


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