Doma in River North, Chicago

 There are many small coffee and sandwich shops throughout Chicago.  Doma stands out for its home cooking and also some unusual offerings.  I believe the specialties are Bosnian or the regions nearby.  I had the cevapi - a sandwich of hearty bread and sausages accompanied by a roasted red pepper and eggplant; a salted cottage cheese and diced onions.  The roasted red pepper/eggplant condiment was outstanding!  The sausages were delicious - hot and slightly spicy.  Some of the other interesting dishes are a roasted butter nut squash dish, a sour cherry compote and a cabbage salad.  There are now many people from the former Yugoslavia living in the United States.  They bring a unique cuisine and I'm looking forward to learning more about it.

My friend had a delicious breakfast sandwich.  They also offer more traditional fare, such as avocado toast, pancakes and assorted teas and coffees.  It is not very exciting from the outside, but the interior is bright and attractive.  There is also an inner courtyard with plenty of seating.


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