A trip to Chicago

At the Chicago Architecture Center

                                                A beach on Lake Michigan

                                                        These bikes are very popular

                                                Boardwalk through marshland in Lincoln Park                                            


                                                A view of the skyline from the "honeycomb"

We went to Chicago for five days and had a great time, despite the heat and humidity.  Chicago is a great walking city, because it is flat and there is so much to do in the downtown.  We did take Lyfts in the afternoon, because it was in the high 80's each day.  

The Chicago Architecture Center has many types of tours.  The Center itself has some very interesting displays about skyscrapers and also the history of the City through the architecture of its neighborhood.

We had a wonderful beach day at the Oak Street beach.  We rented chairs and an umbrella and swam in the cold lake.  There are bars and snack shops at the beach.  Bicycles rentals are very popular, because the City is flat and has bike lanes on some major streets.

There are many parks.  Lincoln Park has a boardwalk through marshes and also has a free zoo and petting zoo.  We participated in a bird count up the Chicago river.  The Wild Mile is a project to restore part of the river as a wildlife habit.  The goal is to make this part of the river into a destination for kayaking and walking.

Chicago is a great city.  I'm looking forward to exploring some of the suburban areas during my next visit.



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