A morning at the Field Museum, Chicago

 The Field Museum has one of the best collections of dinosaur fossils in the world.  To see the entire museum takes more than a day.  We focused on the Griffin Halls of the Evolving Planet.  This tells the story of the Earth with an amazing collection of fossils and dioramas that bring the information to life.

The Museum's pride is Sue, the T-Rex, the largest and most extensive T-Rex ever found.  It is so amazing to see in person.  There is also a titanosaur in the main hall.  The life-size sculptures like the parasaurolophus above and the pterosaur help the viewer grasp that these were once living creatures.

We also had time to peek in at the mineral exhibits and marvelous exhibits of jade and precious gems.

                                                         The splendid Buckingham fountain is nearby


                                                        Trying to get all of Sue


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