Ramona Grasslands Preserve

 Sure, Africa has meerkats, but we have California ground squirrels.  One of their headquarters is the Ramona Grasslands.  There are squirrels on rocks; squirrels running across fields; squirrels standing up; squirrels chirping.  So many squirrels!  The Grasslands offer several trails.  We took the 2-mile "Wildflower Loop".  This wide pleasant trail offers a ramble that is mostly level with some moderate hills.  There is also intermittent shade offered by scrub oaks; Some of them are magnificent.  There are also nice views of the mountains. 

We saw some bird drama.  A red-tailed hawk snatched up a ground squirrel.  Then, two more hawks followed in hot pursuit.  This alerted three crows that also sped away in hopes of stealing a meal.

There is a large parking lot, just off Highland near Archie Moore.  Walk through the small gate with a latch and there is a map of the area and pictures of some of the fauna.  Buckwheat was in bloom and I'll bet there will be beautiful spring wildflower blooms.


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