California Citrus State Historical Park, Riverside, CA

 We arrived around 8 AM, before the Visitor's Center opened at 10 AM.  It was already around 80 degrees.  The California Citrus State Historical Park has plenty to see, even without a trip inside the Center.  There are acres and acres of citrus trees.  There is a pleasant walking trail with many species labeled and helpful QR guides.  I was familiar with the fruit of most species, but I had never seen some of them on the tree.  Another fun feature is a "ViewMaster"-type device with historic images of workers.  Citrus pickers were often Mexican and Japanese immigrants.  There are also other displays to tell about their contributions to the development of California's "Second Gold Rush".

The views in the Park are beautiful and the trees themselves are a glossy, deep green with glimmers of gold and bright yellow from the ripe fruit.  The summer is when fruit is set and just maturing, so only a few trees had ripe fruit.  There were many birds and lizards enjoying the shade of the trees and likely the irrigation.  There is also a pretty park with crape myrtle, wisteria and stately palm trees.

Buddha's Hand citrus on the tree

There is more than just citrus


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