Vicia in St. Louis


It has been a few years since I have had the opportunity to eat at Vicia in the Cortex district in St. Louis.  It is where the vegetables go to play - right before they are plated and "ate-d".  We went for the multi-course farmer's feast.  It is billed as three courses, but seemed like many more, because it includes several appetizers as one course.  Everything was excellent.  It was one of the best meals I've ever had!  The vegetables were imaginatively prepared with an emphasis on featuring the natural taste without unnecessary sauces.  Each plate was also very pretty!

We started with a house-made orange chamomile sodas and lemonades that were great.  They also have wines and cocktails.

The first course included bread and a set of four different appetizer.  My favorite was fried asparagus with hummus.  (I didn't get a picture of this).  The cheese dumplings with a hint of horseradish were also a big hit.The entrees were ample and included a frothy risotto and also a platter of sliced steak from a local farm.  The dessert was a buttermilk sorbet with a strawberry granita and oat streusel.  

I love this place!


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