Lone Elk Park near St. Louis

 We had a great day in the suburbs of St. Louis!  We started at Lone Elk Park in St. Louis county.  This free park is a drive-through area with elk, bison and deer.  It is located about 30 minutes from downtown.  We arrived just when the Park opened (9 AM).  We saw a small group of elk and also saw deer throughout our drive.  We followed the signs to the bison section and immediately saw a bison wandering across the road.  Down the hill, in a hollow, we saw several more, including a baby and one that looked about one year old.

The woods are thick and full of birds.  The park is adjacent to the World of Birds, which we didn't have time to visit.

Then, we had a tour of the Endangered Wolf Sanctuary, which is about 10 minutes away.  I've written about this Sanctuary before.  On this visit, the arctic, swift and melanistic foxes were especially active.  We also saw the maned wolf, red wolves, gray wolves and African painted dogs.  There were two fennec foxes, but they had to be inside, because they have allergies.  Oh no!  They looked at us through a window.

After lunch, we visited the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site.  This was our second visit.  The house was the childhood home of Julia Dent, Grant's wife.  He and his family lived in the house for many years.  The house is modest, by modern standards, with pretty grounds.  There is a barn, on site, that Grant built himself.


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