Komodo Dragons at the San Diego Zoo

So exciting!  The new exhibit at the San Diego Zoo has two komodo dragons - a male and a female.  The Zoo "bribes" the dragons to sit near the window by providing them a heated rock throne.   The female was regally astride her rock platform, but the male was under in the shadow.  They have to be in separate enclosures, because they are highly territorial.  However, there is a common area that connects the two.  The hope is that they can meet up in a neutral area and that there will be babies dragons in the future.  They are nice looking animals.  Their skin has bright orange on the truck, yellow up the neck and then green around the face.  They are both 8 feet long and weigh over 150 lbs.

Adjacent is the new hummingbird enclosure.  There are many flashy non-hummingbird species and three hummingbirds - Costa's. Anna's and Emerald.  Costa's and Anna's are common in our area.  There are also two wading birds - jacandas, which have funny feet.  It is a small, but very pretty exhibit.  The birds are so lively, photographing them was a challenge.

The Zoo is always changing.  There is always something new and exciting.  The renovated Children's Zoo should be opening soon.


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