Iceskimo on Convoy Street, San Diego

 Convoy Street in San Diego has the most diverse cuisine available.  There are ramen places, steamed bun shops, Korean bbq, Vietnamese food, Mexican restaurants, bingsu and things I haven't even noticed.  I wanted to try Taiwanese-style shaved ice.  Iceskimo has all sorts of interesting things, including bubble waffles, ube soft serve, affogatos, coffee and shaved ice.  The ice flavors range thai tea, Dutch cocoa, Vietnamese coffee and more.  There are vegan flavors, such as lychee.  The ices are frozen into big blocks and then shaved to made a fluffy treat.  The friendly staff recommended condensed milk in the center.  I could not say no.  There are a wide range of topping, too: bobba, fruits, nuts, cereal, candies and lots of other choices.

I had matcha tea with almond jellies, lychee and mochi as toppings.  So good.  There is also a location in Del Mar.


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