Chart House, Cardiff

 Our favorite beach is Cardiff State Beach.  So, we walk by Chart House almost weekly.  It doesn't look remarkable from the beach.  It doesn't look remarkable from Hwy. 101.  The exterior is misleading.  The inside is spacious, modern and offers beautiful ocean views.  We chose from the "Dock to Dine" menu, which offers a choice of five types of fish and three preparations.  We had mahi mahi and halibut, blackened.  Both were excellent!  The fish was served with a vegetable couscous that was filling and interesting with asparagus, thin slices of fingerling potatoes and other roasted vegetables.  We also had a side order of asparagus spears.

There are many seafood options, but plenty of meat dishes and vegetables side dishes, also.  There is a solid selection of cocktails, wine, beer, mocktails and desserts.  Parking is easy with free valet service.  

I took several pictures of the interior, but it was so bright inside, they didn't turn out very well.  We ate early and then sat on the beach to watch the sun set.  It is the most San Diego thing you can do.


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