Balkan Treat Box, Webster Grove, MO

 I was told that the suburbs of St. Louis had a huge population of people from the Balkans and that this place was especially good.  Yes, it was!

The line at Balkan Treat Box was out the door for a reason.  The food is simple, but full of flavor.  The bread is wood-fired, which so enhances the taste.  We all had lahmacun, which is a rolled sandwich.  One of us had cauliflower and one had beef.  The spice level was excellent and it was more spicy than I was expecting.  The names of the dishes seem exotic - like pide or doner, but the flavor profiles will be familiar to anyone who likes Greek or Turkish food.  For dessert, I had sutlija, a very rich rice pudding with rose and pistachio.  This was outstanding and beautiful.

This gets five-stars from me for quick, delicious and inexpensive!  Also, the staff was extremely nice and friendly.

This is a sit-down restaurant, but there was a food truck parked outside.  Look for this truck:


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