Tamarindo Del Mar

 Tamarindo  is a great nice restaurant on the main street of Del Mar.  The menu is predominately Mexican, but with broader Latin items such as paella, Cuban sandwiches and more.  There is a large cocktail menu with margaritas and mezcal-based drinks and also a pisco sour (national booze of Peru) and a mojito (national drink of me!)  I had the Oaxacan sloe, made with mezcal.

Flan with sweet fried tortillas

I ordered the short ribs.  They were excellent.  Rich and buttery, served over a slightly sweet grilled corn puree.  My friend had pescado veracruz.  This was a cod version of the classic huachinango (red snapper) a la veracruzana.  He was very pleased.

I had flan for dessert.  This was flavored with chai and was nicely firm and rich.

I really enjoyed this place.  There are many interesting items on the menu.  The only drawback is that the outdoor seats on right along a busy street.  Conversation must stop when motorcycles go by.

The tables had little personal fireplaces with lava rocks


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