Jewel in Silver Lakes, Los Angeles

 We joined the yoga mat crowd for lunch at Jewel.

We started with a house-made hibiscus lemonade and an amazing oatmilk-rose lassi.  The restaurant is vegan with plenty of gluten-free options.  Everything on the menu is intriguing.

I had a special truffle pizza with plenty of shaved truffle on herbed potatoes with a gluten-free crust.  This was great and so filling.  One friend had the "Jewel box", which was a visual feast of colorful vegetables including sweet potato, greens, red cabbage and more.  This was also very filling and tasty.  My other friend had the burrata salad made with cashew cheese.  The cheese was very close to the taste and texture of dairy burrata.  She also had the carrot lox, which featured smoked carrots with a dairy-free cream cheese.

It was an imaginative menu and the food was well-seasoned and full of flavor.  Definitely worth another visit.


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